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I stayed a few weeks with my grandpa this past February at his home.  I spent my time photographing his life in St. Croix: his friendships, his aging body, and the state of St. Croix after hurricane Maria.  I wanted to explore the physical decline of a place I grew up visiting and a man I grew up thinking was invincible.  My constant documentation of his life in those weeks birthed conversation of everything from mortality to faith and family.  

Working in the mortuary business for over 60 years, my grandpa was very adamant that there are things worse than dying - and that he was looking at the end of his life without fear.


I left my grandpa and traveled home with a shaken perspective and a gratitude for our time together.  I spend hours in the darkroom developing and printing these photographs and thinking of him. 

These photographs have taken on a new meaning and audience this summer as my grandpa became ill in June and passed away in August. 

+ photos of our last summer at home in Michigan

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